Finance Committee


Finance Committee Members  
Brian Friedrich (Committee Chairman)  District 5
David Erickson  District 4
Cheryl Nache  District 1
Richard Conklin  District 1
John Hunigan  District 2
Rick Sandoval  District 5
David Amor  District 2
Robert “Bob” Bondi  District 2
Pam Davidson  District 3


Functions of Committee:

This committee shall be responsible for the fiscal policies and financial administration of the County.  This committee shall have the responsibility for the preparation of the annual appropriations and levy ordinances for the County.  County audits and approval for grant acceptance shall also be monitored by this committee.  Creation of the final County Budget shall be done on an annual basis with said budget to be approved by the County Board by the end of November each year.  The committee will also review and approve vouchers for expenditures for the departments that report to it.


Departments Reporting to Finance Committee

  • County Board
  • County Clerk
  • County Treasurer
  • Circuit Clerk
  • County Recorder
  • Judicial
  • Health Department (After approval by the Board of Health)
  • Insurance and Human Resources
  • Information Technology


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