Circuit Clerk

County Circuit Clerk: Kelly Cheesman
Phone #: (309) 345-3859
Fax NumbersCivil: (309) 345-0098
                         Traffic: (309) 345-6722
                         Felony: (309) 345-3896
                         Small Claims: (309) 345-6729
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM

Knox County Courthouse
200 South Cherry Street
Galesburg, IL  61401

Duties of Office:
The Circuit Clerk’s Office provides a variety of services to the public including:

  • Keeper of the seal of the circuit court and the court records, including files and exhibits.
  • Processes court cases such as criminal, ordinance, conservation, civil,  and juvenile deliquency.
  • Processes traffic violations.
  • Summons for citizens to serve on jury duty.
  • Collect fines, costs, and fees associated with judicial cases or violations.

How to get information:
Information regarding the Circuit Clerk’s  office may be obtained by phone or in person.  To reach the office by phone, please call 309-345-3859.  Requests by mail should be sent to 200 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, IL  61401.  To reach a specific divsion, please see the following list:

  • Traffic Court – 309-345-3870
  • General Division – 309-345-3817
  • Small Claims Court – 309-345-3874
  • Felony Division – 309-345-3836
  • Probate – 309-345-6733

Employees:  Full Time – 18
Annual Budget Available HERE