State’s Attorney

State’s Attorney:  Jeremy Karlin
Phone #: (309) 345-3880
Fax Number: (309) 345-0126
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM

Knox County Courthouse – Third Floor
200 South Cherry Street
Galesburg, IL  61401

Freedom of Information Officer:  Scott G. Erickson, County Clerk

Duties of Office:
It is the duty of the State’s Attorney to seek justice, not merely to convict.  To achieve this end, we prosecute each case with the goals of obtaining restitution for the victim, punishing the offender for his or her criminal conduct, and rehabilitating the offender to return him or her to useful citizenship.  The State’s  Attorney’s Office also provides a variety of services to the public including:

  • Serve the community by prosecuting juvenile and adult offenders in Knox County.
  • Adjudicating cases of neglected, dependent, or abused minors.
  • Provide assistance to victims of crimes through the legal process
  • Protect the interests of the County by handling legal actions for and against the County government and its officers
  • Provide legal counsel to county offices and departments.

How to get information:
Information regarding the office of State’s Attorney may be obtained in person or by phone at (309) 345-3880.  Freedom of Information requests may be made in person or by mail to the above listed contact.  Requests by mail should be sent to 200 South Cherry Street, Galesburg, IL  61401.

Assistant State’s Attorneys in the Office:

    • Jonathon T. Schlake
    • Sabrina Barraza Sloan
    • Ashley M. Worby
    • Vincent R. Meyer
  • Office Manager: Shari Larson
    Victim Advocate: Debbie Johnson

    For information concerning compliance fees, please contact the State’s Attorney Office: (309)-345-3880

    Employees:  Full Time 12
    Annual Budget Available HERE