Zoning Permits

County Zoning Officer: Terri Weidenhamer
County Zoning Administrator: Chris Gray, CCAO

Please contact the Knox County Zoning Department if you are interested in or planning to build any type of structure on your property or bring in any type of structure onto your property. (This would include a fence, storage building, steps, patio, deck, garage, any type of farm building, etc.)

We will let you know if a permit is required and the permit fee per square footage. If you build on, or bring a structure onto your property that requires a permit without first obtaining a permit, your permit fees will double. So please check first.

The permit applications, per type of building, are shown on this page. Just click the links below to open the applications.

New Home Permit
Solar Wind Permit
Farm Permit
Misc (Decks, Garages, ETC.) Permit