Tax Sale Info

Knox County holds an annual real estate tax sale normally in mid-November. All delinquent taxes are sold at that time.  We have a Trustee that will purchase any parcels that are not bid on at this sale.

The tax sale is conducted as an auction, with the lowest bidder being awarded the parcel.  The percentage can be as high as 18% or as low as 0%.  The percentage is a six month interest rate.

We publish a list of the delinquent taxes once a year in mid-October in various local newspapers.  A copy of this list can be
obtained for a fee.

A person must register for our tax sale 10 business days prior to the sale.  You may send your letter of intent to attend the sale by mail or fax.  If you will have an assistant attending the sale you need to note that in your registration letter, listing their name. There is a deposit of $50.00 required at the time of registration which will be applied to your purchases. The deposit will not be refunded to you if you do not participate in the tax sale.

Knox County Treasurer
200 South Cherry Street
Galesburg, IL  61401
Fax :
Phone: 309-345-3811

The day of sale you will be required to leave a blank check to cover your purchases.  The amount for each parcel will include tax, penalty and cost due.  Our office will total your purchases and contact you with that amount within 2-3 days.  Tax Certificates will be issued and mailed to you after the sale is balanced.

The Treasurer’s Office cannot give legal advice regarding the purchasing of delinquent taxes.  Please refer to Chapter 35 in the Illinois Compiled Statutes for the required procedures.  The statutes are available at

The Knox County Clerk’s Office handles the tax sale certificates.  With questions pertaining to the certificates you may contact:
County Clerks Office: 309-345-3857

Also, our Trustee holds an auction each year for the parcels he has gone for deed on.  The Trustee can be reached at
Phone : 800-248-2850
Phone : 618-656-5744



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