Veteran Services

The Veteran’s Assistance Commission of Knox County is one of Emergency and Interim assistance. This assistance is not designed to be an on-going financial supportive program over any considerable time span. Applicants receiving aid from any other governmental agency, whether County, State or Township program, are usually not eligible.

ELIGIBILITY: Financial assistance is provided “to Military Veterans who served in the Armed Forces of the United States and whose last discharge from the service was Honorable.” Eligibility is determined by the Illinois Department of Public Aid guidelines. The veteran MUST provide proof of Honorable Discharge (DD-214). NOTE: RESERVE or NATIONAL GUARD DUTY is Non-qualifying. (unless you were called to active duty by the president)

APPLICATION: Every veteran has the right to receive and submit a written application for financial assistance. Each person who applies shall be presented with these rules. Prior to receiving assistance, a food stamp appointment or application for Public Aid should be obtained. unless applicant is under doctor’s care, or an application for unemployment filed. Entitlement is determined by the rules and regulations adopted by the Veterans Assistance Commission, which follow the guidelines established by the Illinois Department of Public Aid.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Below are the needs we help support.

FOOD ORDER: or meal tickets and personal household orders are usually issued thru a voucher authorization.

SHELTER:  payments are usually paid on a monthly basis. The VAC does not make rental deposits, security deposits or back rental payments; except at the discretion of the Superintendent and then only with a signed aid reimbursement form.

MORTGAGE PAYMENTS: will be paid to the same standard of rent. The VAC will not pay taxes, insurance, repairs or mortgages in arrears, except at the discretion of the Superintendent in an unmanageable financial emergency situation.

UTILITY PAYMENTS: will be made by voucher authorization at the discretion of the Superintendent. Telephone bills will not be considered unless a medical problem exists that could endanger the life of the veteran.

TRANSPORTATION:  will be provided to a veteran thru voucher authorization to the nearest VA Medical Center when: 1) an emergency exists, 2) prior authorization is obtained, 3) a scheduled appointment.

MEDICAL AID: The veteran’s medical needs should be taken care of at the VA Hospital or the VA Out-Patient Clinic. Some prescriptions will be authorized on a temporary basis.

BURIAL: for the veterans will be provided, if qualified under the income guidelines of the VAC and is not qualified for burial assistance from the Illinois Department of Public Aid.

APPEALS: will be directed to the Public Aid Committee of Knox County by filing a written appeal with the Veterans Assistance Commission, Knox County, Illinois . An appeal must be filed within sixty- (60)-days from the date of the notice of decision or within ten (10) days from the date of notice to continue assistance.