Township Assessors

Questions pertaining to your property assessment, exemptions and name and address changes should be directed to your assessor. 

Parcels located in the City of Galesburg                        
City Assessor’s office                       
121 West Tompkins Street
Galesburg, IL  61401 
Monday – Friday 
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Parcels located in the Townships of Rio, Ontario, Walnut Grove, Lynn, Henderson, Sparta, Copley, Victoria, Persifer or Truro

Pennee Fredrickson
64 S. Prairie St. Suite 5
Galesburg, IL  61401

Parcels located in the Townships of Galesburg, Knox, Cedar, Orange, Haw Creek, Elba, Indian Point, Chestnut, Maquon or Salem

Rebecca Friedrich
64 S. Prairie St. Suite 4
Galesburg, IL  61401