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The Senior Homestead Exemption
is for taxpayers who will be at least 65 years of age any time during the assessment year and own and occupy this property as his/her principal dwelling.  Application for this $5,000 reduction from the equalized assessed value must be made at the Assessor’s Office.  New homeowners 65 years of age or older need to apply with the Assessor immediately.                   

The Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Exemption
is for taxpayers who will be at least 65 years of age any time during the assessment year and have owned and occupied this property as his/her principal dwelling for two years.  Their total household income must be $65,000 or less for the prior year.  Applications must be submitted annually to the Assessor’s Office. 

Properties located in the City of Galesburg

City Assessor
121 West Tompkins Street
Galesburg, IL 

Properties located outside the City of Galesburg

Supervisor of Assessments
309-345-3845 or 3806
121 South
Prairie Street
Galesburg, IL 

is a program which allows qualified Senior Citizens to defer all or part of the property taxes on their personal residence.

 To qualify you must:

  •  Be 65 or older by June 1.
  •  Have a total household income of no greater than $50,000.
  •  Have lived in the property or other qualifying property for at least three years.
  •  Own the property which must be used exclusively for residential purposes. 
  •  Joint ownership is limited to you and your spouse.  You may be required by the County Collector to provide
    proof of ownership, such as a copy of the deed.
  • Not owe any delinquent property taxes on the property.

The forms for the deferral program are available in the Knox County Collector’s office and they must be filed on or before March 1.  This program is a loan with an annual interest rate of 6%; it does not erase the tax liability.
However, the taxes do not become due until after the death of the taxpayer or until the real estate is sold.

Knox County Collector’s Office
00 South Cherry Street
Galesburg, IL  61401

Taxpayers may also be eligible for the Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons.  Property Tax Relief and Pharmaceutical Assistance Act.  You must be at least 65 years of age or a disabled person and also meet the income requirements.  For more information, contact the IL Department of Aging or the local VNA office – 309-342-1152.


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