Permanent Index Number Explanation

Every parcel in knox county is assigned a permanent index number, also referred to as pin.  Permanent index numbers are ten (10) digits and define the location of your property.  Your pin is located on your tax bill. below is an explanation of the number:

 xx xx xxx xxx

First two numbers                township number
Next two numbers                section number
Next three numbers             quarter section
Last three numbers              parcel

Example:  05 05 200 018

05                    Henderson township township 12, range 1
05                    Section 5
200                  Northeast quarter section

so this parcel is in the Northeast quarter section of section 5 in Henderson township.

Knox county is made up of twenty townships and the city of galesburg.  Townships not only have a name but an identifying number and a corresponding township and range.  Each of the townships contains thirty-six (36) sections.  Then each section is divided into quarter sections.    Following is a list of the townships and their corresponding numbers.  Also listed are the schools in our county.

Rio 01 13-1 Rio
Ontario 02 13-2 Oneida
Walnut Grove 03 13-3 Altona
Lynn 04 13-4 Lake Calhoun
Henderson 05 12-1 Lake Storey/Henderson
Sparta 06 12-2 Wataga
Copley 07 12-3 Victoria/Oak Run
Victoria 08 12-4 Victoria
Galesburg 09 11-1 Outside Galesburg City
Knox 10 11-2 Knoxville/East Galesburg
Pesifer 11 11-3 Gilson
Truro 12 11-4 Williamsfield/Happy Hollow
Cedar 13 10-1 Lake Bracken/Abingdon
Orange 14 10-2 Delong
Haw Creek 15 10-3 Gilson
Elba 16 10-4  
Indian Point 17 9-1 St. Augustine/South Abingdon
Chestnut 18 9-2 Herman/London Mills
Maquon 19 9-3 Maquon/Rapatee
Salem 20 9-4 Yates City/Douglas/Union
City of Galesburg Railroad 90/95/99   95 was Henderson/annexed to City
U100 Toulon-Lafayette    
U176 Avon    
U202 Knoxville    
U205 Galesburg   Northwest Quarter Section 100
U208 Rowva   Northwest Quarter Section 200
210 Williamsfield   Southwest Quarter Section 300
217 Abingdon   Southeast Quarter Section 400
224 Galva    
225 Alwood    
U265 Farmington    
U304 Alexis    
U322 Elmwood    
U4 Spoonriver Valley