Delinquent Tax Procedures


After the second installment due date the local banks can no longer collect real estate taxes.

Once all payments are posted, the Treasurer’s Office will issue a friendly reminder to taxpayers with current real estate taxes showing unpaid.

As per Illinois State Statutes a penalty of 1.5% per month shall be collected on delinquent real estate taxes.  This penalty is not prorated and is applied the day after each due date.

Treasurer then mails certified notices fifteen days prior to the date of application for judgment.   A $10.00 cost will be collected per parcel once the certified notices are mailed.  These notices shall include the amount due with penalty and cost and dates of application for judgment and sale. 

Treasurer publishes the delinquency lists in local newspapers ten days prior to the date of application.  The publication shall also contain the date of application for judgment, the date, time and location of the sale and the registration requirements for persons bidding at the sale.

The additional costs added to each parcel sold at the tax sale:

  •             Publication cost           $10.00
  •             Clerk cost                    $4.00
  •             Automation Fee           $10.00
  •             Indemnity Fee              $20.00
  •             Sale in Error Fee          $60.00         
  •             Total                             $104.00

 To inquire about or pay sold taxes you will need to contact the Knox County Clerk’s office at (309) 345-3815