Bill Sample

 Information found on your tax bill

Permanent index number

 Tax year, taxes are collected one year in arrears

 Class Code

  •             011      farm land with buildings
  •             021      farmland, no improvements
  •             030      residential vacant lot
  •             040      residential with improvements
  •             041      residential, developer owned
  •             050      commercial, over six residential units
  •             060      commercial
  •             080      industrial
  •             090      exempt
  •             4600    pollution control


Township the property is located in actual address of the property legal description of the property name that the property is assessed to mailing address taxing bodies and their share of tax received for both the current and prior year tax rate for both the current and prior year
Exemptions that the taxpayer is qualified to receive assessed value – this value is 1/3 of fair market value except for farmland which is assessed based on productivity fair market value taxable value – this is the assessed value less any exemptions 


Tif and senior freeze bases
Enterprise zone amount
Forfeited tax amount
The word “sold” will print if prior year’s taxes have gone to tax sale
Total current tax amount due
Installment amounts and due dates

 Installment stubs, required to make payments