Recording Fees

Fees(Effective Dec 1st,2018):


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  • Minimum fee *Standard Document, no page count 
    • Up to 5 reference numbers, PIN numbers
    • (in compliance with Public (55 ILCS 5/3-5018.1)) – $73.00
  • Articles of Incorporation and related documents – $63.00
  • Judgments, Documents without a legal description -$63.00
  • The Recorder of Deeds may continue to charge previously allowed additional fees for Non-Standard Documents.
  • As used in this section: “Nonstandard document” means:
    • a document that creates division of a then active existing tax parcel identification number;
    • a document recorded pursuant to the Uniform Commercial Code;
    • a document which is non-conforming, as described in paragraphs (1-5) of Section 3-5018;
    • a State lien or a federal lien;
    • a document making specific reference to more than 5 tax parcel identification numbers in the county which it is presented for recording; or
    • a document making specific reference to more than 5 other document numbers recorded in the county in which it is presented for recording.
  • “Standard document” means document other than a nonstandard document.
    • Documents not in compliance, no page count – $85.00
  • Survey Plats
    • For 8-1/2 X 11-$73.00
    • For 11 X 17-$78.00
    • For 18 X 24-$88.00
    • For 18 X 36-$98.00
  • Subdivision plats (maximum 18 x 36)-$111.00


Documents  must be original instruments for recordation, prepared by, returned to, fully legal description, parcel number, property address, 8-1/2 X 11 paper, have a 3 X 5 blank square in the upper right hand corner, 10 point type, have ½ inch blank margin all around, black ink, white paper, with no attachments taped or stapled.  Failure to comply with any of the above is considered a non-standard document.