Candidates Filing for Election

The following persons have filed with the Knox County Clerk’s office to have their names placed on the upcoming Election ballot.  Others candidates were required to file with the Illinois State Board of Elections or the local Election Authorities as prescribed by the Election Code.  Those candidates will appear on the sample ballots posted for the specific Election.  Candidates appear in the order that they filed with this office.  If simultaneous filings occurred, a lottery process will determine the order for the ballot. 

   2020 Primary Election Candidates – County Offices
 Office  Candidate Name  Party
County Board – District 1 Darla Krejci Democratic
 (Vote for One) No Candidate Republican
County Board – District 2 Robert Bondi Republican
 (Vote for no more than Two) David Amor Democratic
County Board – District 3 Tara Wilder Democratic
 (Vote for One) No Candidate Republican
 County Board – District 4 Jared Hawkinson Republican
(Vote for no more than Two) Sara Varner Democratic
County Board – District 5 Rick Sandoval Republican
 (Vote for no more than Two) Todd Shreves Democratic
County Circuit Clerk Kelly Templeton Cheesman Republican
 (Vote for One) No Candidate Democratic
State’s Attorney  Jeremy Stewart Karlin Democratic
(Vote for One) Brian L. Kerr Republican
County Coroner Mark A. Thomas Democratic
(Vote for One) No Candidate Republican
2020 Primary Election – Precinct Committeepersons
County Precincts    
(Vote for One in your registered Precinct)    
Cedar 3 Jeremy Shultz Democratic
Cedar 4 Carolyn Marie Berry Democratic
Henderson 1 Robin E. Davis Democratic
Henderson 2 Charles Armstrong Republican
Indian Point 1 Rebecca F. Friedrich Republican
Knox 1 Scott G. Erickson Republican
Salem James Boyd Bewley Democratic
Walnut Grove Derrick R. Appell Republican
City of Galesburg Precincts    
Galesburg 1 Karen Zeches Hawkinson Republican
Galesburg 3 Russ Nelson Democratic
Galesburg 4 Gregory S. Dewitt Democratic
Galesburg 5 Mary Crawford Democratic
Galesburg 7 John K. Hunigan Democratic
Galesburg 8 Kimberly Thierry Democratic
Galesburg 10 Pamela Davidson Democratic
Galesburg 12 Lomac Payton Democratic
  Elisha French Republican
Galesburg 14 Lyle W. Johnson Democratic
  Burrel “Barry” Wainer Republican
Galesburg 16 Mike Landon Democratic
Galesburg 17 Fred M. McGunnigal Republican
Galesburg 18 Christina Marie King Democratic
Galesburg 21 David Amor Democratic