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2018 Election Calendar 
For the complete 2018 Election Calendar compiled by the Illinois State Board of Elections (PDF document) click Election Calendar GP2018.
November 6, 2018 – General Election

Sample Ballots for Upcoming Election

The sample ballots for the upcoming election will give voters a chance to see the format and design of the ballot prior to them casting their votes.  Please note that all of the races listed may not necessarily be on the actual ballot for your precinct.

Publication Ballot – 2018 General Election


Offices to be voted upon for this Election include:

  • Constitutional State Wide Offices
    • Governor/Lt. Governor
    • Secretary of State
    • Attorney General
    • State Comptroller
    • State Treasurer
  • Legislative Offices
    • Representative in Congress (17th Congressional District)
    • State Senator (47th District)
    • State Representative (74th and 93rd Districts)
  • County Offices
    • County Sheriff
    • County Clerk
    • County Treasurer
    • Regional Superintendent of Schools
  • County Board Offices
    • District One (Vote for No More Than Two)
    • District Two (Vote for One)
    • District Three (Vote for No More Than Two Full Term and One Unexpired Two Year Term)
    • District Four (Vote for One)
    • District Five (Vote for One)
  • Judicial Retention (Ninth Judicial Circuit)