Highway, Landfill, Assessor, Zoning, GIS, and Recorder Committee


Highway, Landfill, Assessor, Zoning, GIS

Committee Members  

John Hunigan (Committee Chairman)  District 2
Robert Bondi  District 2
Pamela Davidson  District 3
Brian Friedrich  District 5
Rollie Paulsgrove  District 1
Todd Olinger  District 4
Rick Sandoval  District 5


Functions of Committee:

This committee shall be responsible for the oversight of the Knox County Highway, Knox County Landfill, Knox County Assessor, Zoning, GIS departments.  The committee will also review and approve vouchers for expenditures for the departments that report to it.


Departments Reporting to Committee:

  • Highway
  • Landfill
  • Assessor
  • Zoning
  • GIS


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